As A Bee

As A Bee

As a bee I feel alot of pain
Honey harvesters destroy our peace
In search for our produce
That took us months to prepare
But they loot our sweat along the drain.

Our special thanks goes to modern farmers
Who take our produce with care
Who do not subject us to chocking smoke
May they survive the atrocities they may face.

As the world marked our day
The honey harvesters marked their pay
They enjoyed out pain
But we shalk survive.

We are of importance
We act as pollinators
We act as yout medicine
We are the divine beings.

Please, give us rest
So we give you the best
Do not loath our stings
But know they are of medicinal gains.

I still cry,
Build our hives in correct environments
Provide us with essential requirements
Water, nectar, and sweet flowers.

We want to be friends
We want to grow together
As a bee, I speak on behalf of my kins
Hear our low, humble cries.

Kipkirui Borusei

Borusei Kipkirui is a novelist, short story writer, scribbler and a poet born on 22/12/2002 to a family influential by Royal leadership. He was not for royalty, but for revolution: where he at a very early age learnt to fend for himself. He used to compose protest poems against barbarous teachers' treatment and saw him being expelled from school. Serving this tenure, he sat down and penned memoirs of his school life, all in a collection of memoirs: A Silent Grave (2019). He went far from home and sat to be a lonely person; vowing to be a recluse, basically from what he felt after being sent out of school. He joined a literary platform where he wrote as a guest writer, and met Lewis Wamwanda- who rekindled his intuition to public again;-the dream of being published. Kipkirui combines the power of oratory and mystery to tell of African stories. He has since written 'Home Bells, a Poetic novella' and ' I Saw You (2018). He has participated in the coming up of an anthology of poems: Shackles of Pain (2020). He is currently working on a longer memoir: Yolks Of Regret.

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  1. Bees are really good insects . I love your piece. Come up with an article on your visit to beekeepers.. I am waiting

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