As A Bee

May 21, 2020 1 By Kipkirui Borusei

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As a bee I feel alot of pain
Honey harvesters destroy our peace
In search for our produce
That took us months to prepare
But they loot our sweat along the drain.

Our special thanks goes to modern farmers
Who take our produce with care
Who do not subject us to chocking smoke
May they survive the atrocities they may face.

As the world marked our day
The honey harvesters marked their pay
They enjoyed out pain
But we shalk survive.

We are of importance
We act as pollinators
We act as yout medicine
We are the divine beings.

Please, give us rest
So we give you the best
Do not loath our stings
But know they are of medicinal gains.

I still cry,
Build our hives in correct environments
Provide us with essential requirements
Water, nectar, and sweet flowers.

We want to be friends
We want to grow together
As a bee, I speak on behalf of my kins
Hear our low, humble cries.