March 25, 2020 2 By JOSEPH OCHENGE

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Do you hear anything?
It has finally stopped
And now am stuck
Is this a nightmare?
Silence is the best answer to a fool
Now the same silence is my nightmare

I don’t know the difference
While everyone keeps calling it a sequence
I wonder if sin is a movie
Maybe it’s a life time series we humans act

Everyone says
Tit for tat is a fair game
Did you know
I don’t know the difference between love and love
Am confused, is love a scum?

They say
Love is patient
But others grow impatient
Then who is the patient?
I had a conversation
Between love and love
Who is telling the truth
Maybe love is just a scum

Shamelessly hiding in a dark corner
Kissing her
Holding her
What is the difference
Hiding for love
Yet everyday she calls you love

Maybe am wrong
I hate it
When love starts using a thong
Hey love
Am sorry love
Is it ok love?

I wonder what is the difference
Between love and love
Maybe am getting it wrong
Am silent , impatient and I grieve alone
Break my silence

Love is patient
Wait who is the patient?
Love is sweet
Hold on love
Love is a monster
Love is a scum
Maybe am wrong

What is the difference
When it sounds like love is a game
Even tit for tat is a fair game
But what is the difference between love and love

By joe~the poet