Bleeding freedom

September 9, 2020 Off By Roseullakarina Bosco


Today also,
I fell for mismatched ways,
I got the push of wrong nature,
Yet tried best,
Laid prudent tactics,
The downfall I’m suffering today.

How reality pricks bitterly,
I thought I won in the dark,
The daytime me added a mark,
This bloody mask I worn behind the faulty bars.

Let my pain cry,
Let my heart talk,
Shouts of my regrets to cut across loudest,
That life is more than just appearances,
Not anything closer to conviction,
Not anything before the tunnel end.

I want to play weakest,
Yet strongest in my indoor soul,
Just to mend the broken ties I made,
To gain new breath,
To start again from somewhere,
But this time to gather my cards securely.