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Mwongozo wa Bembea Ya Maisha

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Mwongozo huu umekusudia kurahisisha ya mwalimu mwelekezi pamoja na mtahiniwa katika kutambua dhamira yake Timothy Arege. Maudhui yake yamedon dolewa moja baada ya lingine kwa kina. Aidha, umeweka wazi sifa kuu za kila mhusika na jinsi anavyoendeleza maudhui katika tamthilia hii.



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  • “With whips on our shoulders, we worked on white man’s farms, but now, With whips, we are being chased from our farms.”
    Mr. President is a book full of laughter and pain as citizens of Zamire walk a tough path in search of political justice. It is the book of hope, suffering and victory. It is the book of betrayal and loyalty. You can’t stop reading it, for it is rich in literature style, written in poetic form.
    Mr. President is a true reflection of the current political situation in many African countries that are forced to fight for the second liberation from black colonialism. The book critically examines how and why some African
    governments oppress their citizens; as evident in the words of President Wangwa, the antagonist in the book:
    “If you want to rule an African man, make him poor.”

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  • LESS THAN EQUALS traces the longitudinal journey of marital relations from dating to engagement and the factors you need to look for in a prospective marriage partner. It also covers the various stages of marriage – from a
    young couple without children to an elderly couple coping with an empty nest. It proposes the best practices of maneuvering and navigating through the issues that emerge at the various levels of the dyadic interaction.

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  • Demystifying Geography Paper Two has been prepared to cater for the needs of Geography candidates. It caters for the needs of learners
    with different abilities. It emphasizes the manner in which students should respond to particular questions within the Geography Paper Two syllabus.
    The revision book is developed to help learners develop skills of logical thinking and ability to recall concepts.
    To make learning and understanding of Human Geography easy, the book has been organized so as to provide:
    • Numerous questions with possible answers
    • Well-organised notes for weak learners
    • Friendly language and concepts easily understood by learners.
    The book is useful to both students and teachers of Geography

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  • Tommy goes into hiding as the air clears. The storms and waves at the coastal region where he hid typified the entanglement in his heart; he was fully conscious: but again, love no matter how ludicrous it turned him as it always does to every- one else, it still swept his feet again; he strenuously fell into it’s ditch, it found him when he least expected; with Sophie on the other hand it wasn’ t a coincidence unfortunately, reality and fantasy were two very different worlds; it was as complex as drawing a comparison between a want and a need! Sophie at last betrays Tommy for Ronnie; just similar to what Tommy does when he betrays Elsie’ s love to keep his career; to succeed in the investigations that meant the world to him. Basically; threads of family relations and friendships eventually got loose on the way, strings were unattached and promises consequently broken as well for lack of the three T’s-Trust, Talk and Truth. Therefore, everyone got entitled to their own opinions as justified by their actions that unfortunately included malice, nefarious- ness and betrayal as copiously exhibited by Kate.

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  • Remind Me To Forget is a collection of poems that talk about the challenges of a person goes through, the pain that people undergo to satisfy others and how they live in a rotten society, This book touches on key issues that the society faces in its day to day lives including love, injustice, depression, …

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