Call For Spoken Word Poetry

May 3, 2020 0 By The Writers Pen

Nsemia Inc. Publishers are preparing An Anthology of Spoken-Word Poetry from Kenya

We shall accept new spoken-word poems as well as poems already published or performed at Kwani? Open mic, Fatuma 254, or staged elsewhere in the past years.

Provide your short bio at the end of the poems. Both your poems and bio should be in one document. Do not list items or attach a photo to your poems and bio.

Send the poems and bio as ONE attachment in a word file and NOT in PDF format. Let the word file contain the full name of the poet and a stage name in bracket.

Kindly edit your poems and bio before sending them to Let your e-mail subject be AN ANTHOLOGY OF SPOKEN-WORD POETRY FROM KENYA.

Deadline: 30th May 2020