April 29, 2020 0 By Paskali Null Watua

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At this time of pandemic, nations all over the world are sadly crippled by this manacle of infernal virus that has greatly threatened to masticate and decimate the population of the universe.

It will be so unforgivable if the ‘Shepherds’ distracts the lowly beasts with their petty and selfish skirmishes. This is a great time for them to show their hidden caring like aspects to the beasts which are already sweltering with the heat of CORONA.

‘Herding’ jostling serves only to send the message to the ‘beasts’ that it’s all well and usual business to feed. Though this is untrue. The beasts are well familiarized with the roaming mongers. The beasts have seen. Their eyes are sharp. It is not well, is a new song from the mouths of roaming beasts who are hard kicked by the pandemic. This is where grey hair should not intervene between the two fighting cocks. The beasts are like earthworms, who only hear the sounds of sand and who only know what they eat from the soil.

The ‘natural’ dusk_dawn hibernation, and impediment of freedom of movement from one grazing field to another has heavily fallen on the economy of the jungle. The beasts, who are hindered to do their usual tasks, have turned and clung to new creative ways to invert the ruling law. Some are making their efforts to maneuver through the closed boarders of gazetted areas in order to face their lives as usual. Being lowly abandoned beasts, doesn’t mean they are fixed ideas. That’s a new quote of turnover, spreading so fast like the ruling ‘king!’

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Majority of the beasts out there, have what we call the face masks. What for? Some are already in dilemma not knowing what’s the purpose it carries. For the fact that the face masks are there to slacken the penetrating force of the virus, some are having them under their chin to avoid the attention of the boys in blue.

We still having beasts idling around the forests huddling in zero distance and oblivious of the new conventions of 1.5M+.
They ain’t in breach of the loitering of the boys and of gathering, their work is to gather, hover and bark their defiance myths against the landed snake. Apart from their myths, a new gospel is aso spread.

However, many, are just standing amused and staring at the scale of jobs. Massive loss of jobs has greatly increased and many are leftovers who have been halted from working by a few lines compared to their long sentences in their CVS. Hunger and other deprivation in human sector, are not only the problems being encountered during this pandemic. May the Almighty hear our cries and half stop the wrath of humans. Blessings.

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