November 18, 2020 Off By Rosana Gilbert


In the middle of the night,
In this village without light,
I can hear somebody screaming,
Her crying tone is changing,
I guess she is tired of sobbing.
Definitely it’s Kapusa crying.
I know she has been through alot,
She has fought numerous silent battles ,
I know she is a strong woman,
She can afford a smile amidst tears,
She has a true spirit of a zelous person.
But why always kapusa?
Is she worth the suffering?
God of second chance,
Where are you?
Come through lord,
Your faithful is troubled.
Send your angels and save kapusa,
Kapusa is depressed,
Kapusa is giving up in life!
I heard her shouting,that suicide is her option 😥
She feels nobody cares about her,
Lord,give her a reason to hold on!
Remind her that she didn’t choose to be an orphan.
Make me her guardian angel🙏🙏🙏

©️Rosana Gilbert.