June 26, 2020 Off By Evans Mutie


I was once a princess of Disney
My prince sang heartfelt hymns with me
Flying me around the world with a carpet
Saving me from the tower of sorrow.I was once a princess of Disney

Wore long dresses and descent shoes
Went for beautiful dances and dinner dates
Ate fruits of the wild when I took walks.

I was once a Disney princess
All the birds of the forest and animals of the land
They loved me and wiped my tears when I was lost
I miss when I was a Disney princess.

Am I still a Disney princess?
Will he still show me the world on a carpet?
Will those wild beasts and birds care for me?
Can I still wear those long dresses?

I’m now a mistress of Evil
They’ve branded me whore of the town
I fly around with all carpets for surprises
I don’t have a dress anymore, I’m almost naked.

©Evans Mutie