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Alan sat on the duvet of the bed with the dim hopes of living a promising life.Nothing could surmount to his pain he felt at home after being outcast, when he got to the last decision -not able to live the predicament he was facing.When he couldn’t determine the worth of life with the accusation from his relatives and was ready to follow his ancestors,as people of his kin, such cases was termed to be three quarterly alive.

Reminiscing of the day he was accused of being behind the killing of his brother’s cows, his throat dries, painful tears form but he can no longer go back to the village. Armed with the dreadful thoughts, he had gone straight to river Tapketa a place he felt safe from the talons of the villagers who grasped the dreams to be a victor. That was the only place he used to hang out when with Cheruto- her long dead fiancee,who died battling with the operation to deliver their first-born. Since then, he became a stutterer to love, and vowed to be a recluse.

The crowns of the village grouped in the kisoonik, ready to cast a curse on Alan.His father led the crowns, as his mother led the chants of women who were boisterous and ready to have Alan face the uncompromising fate.

“Afolabi, this son needs to be revitalized,” an old chimeric man uttered as he cut the throat of the white cock.

“Indeed ,it is bad for a man in defense of obstinacy ,revenge to his clan-mates.This is not good….,” Alan tried saying but was cut short by Kathure, the man who was to punitate Alan.

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“we’ve come here to revitalize our boy, we all know Afolabis as a renowned family with lots of imponderables vicissitudes generated by this young man,” Kathure paused to sniff.

A group of young men had started forming and were ready to witness or participate in the stoning of the unlucky ‘witch’ who had killed his brother’s cows.

Kathure ceased and like a bestowed promise, he gave the orders to the young men to stone Alan. As the tamed men left, painful bile rose to Alan’s gullet. The first stone hit his head, and he tried diss-engaging from the straps that bound his arms and legs, but it seemed to tighten much. He was of a certified mind, ready to learn and observe all that happened .

A rather blench and hirsute boy came and gave Alan a hot slap, removed his knob-Kerry and hit him severely on his spinal cord. He then spatted on him and left saying he had fulfilled the mosaic law. Alan groaned in the sweltering pain, that ran from his tallest hair to his toes. His stomach growled in hunger unceasingly. His body seemed to resonate and started feeling a nauseating effect, painful hiccups formed, uninterrupted for some minutes as stones ‘rained’ on his body and he vomited rendering him chocking and painful strains to keep off his face from the stones.

He tried talking but faint squeaks came out, save for one, he had lost almost half of his teeth from the brawling with advancing quarry stones.

“We must vanquish this menace once and for all. Idiots, witches cannot intrude our affairs now and then,” the boys said in a rather coherent unison.

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“STOP!” A lady who had since been the witnessing the public martyr cried.

The boys looked around sweats in their eyes after the public butcher.They were petrified with the lady’s appearance.

“I said stop it !Do not kill him!At least he has adjoined his thoughts and there is no need no mean feat to something feasible , if you leave him to live, faute de miuex, leave him!”

They consented but not before throwing stinking abuses on the near-dead Alan. Most of his bones had broken. Fractures on his skull were visible, and was like a manioc leaf that dries with least scratch on its roots.

Alan blinked twice and closed his eyes as he slowly drifted into unconsciousness .

Alan came into, he smelled a strong medication scent, there to raise his hopes. He tried struggling off but all was painful. He tried opening his eyes but very bright streaks of light got into his eyes.Surveying the surrounding,a biggish room with four low windows barred with grills and white bare walls. He sat up, but was met with a sharp that placed him on the blink of betraying his manhood.He howled in pain,groaned his best.

When he finally did sat up, on the clean duvets on bed, he reached to his head and felt a stitch on his head with heavy bandage.
He was alone in the ward, after a lucid operation of almost fifteen hours, being the second time being in the room, with the first being the entry of this world through the cesarian delivery.
Alan conjoined his wit. His experience can be termed as an objection to listen to the hooligans who almost send him to the moon. There is not another day, he prophesied when he will ever go back to his village. He was armed with hope, that he would settle down in Kamututany or rather be an introvert.

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The morning activities boomed , people mingling with the usual activities. The cows mowed waiting to be milked. Alan lifted his head above the pillow, looked across his bed. The shaft of the rising sun’s rainbow stabbed the windows and the melodies of the pain rang in his mind .

The memories were virgins with rhythmic chippings that attacked in the breakfast mows and barked boldly to give terrifying shrieks. To Alan, it seemed that he no longer had any debt he owed to pain, life had progressed and softened his pain, clearly enough to grant his saying that he suffered a lot guarantee dying several times over.

There would be a revival church service soon, and if it would be a possibility, he accepts the opportunity to be born again.

Alan got out of the bed and accepted the need of evolution of one’s morals and enlargements of imaginations.Instituting revenge only comes with yolks of regrets when not in the due seasons.

*kisoonik- a place where curses are cast