Elegance Dreamers Anthology Submissions

April 27, 2020 0 By The Writer's Pen


Elegance Dreamers is an Ede based Anthology that has a goal of putting the experiences of living in Ede in words. We hereby request submission for poems, short stories, photographs or visual art. Each entry should be themed around the beauty of Ede.

Submission Guidelines

Poems – Submission can have three poems maximum, well arranged in a PDF/Doc format.
Short stories – Submission can have two short stories maximum, well arranged in a Doc/PDF format.
Photographs and visual arts – Submission can have as many as possible. High quality recommended. We reserve the right to accept or reject based on our standards.

All submissions should be forwarded to submissionforede@gmail.com with a subject “Elegance Dreamers” and a short bio (not more than fifty words)

Bonus : Best entries get prizes.

Deadline for Submissions : 24th of May, 2020.

For more enquiries :