April 24, 2020 0 By Arriet Nyatichi

Fallen fallen is my house the Great,
She who brood immorality,
She who nurtured intoxication,
She who supported depression.

Broken! Broken! is my family,
That which disappeared into another woman’s hands,
That which ran into the streets,
To seek consolation,
And she who hanged herself, my daughter,
To seek happiness,
Broken! Broken is my family.

Stranded! Stranded! Is I myself,
I who just lost my children,
I who just lost my husband,
In the name of providence,
And the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever.

Blessed! Blessed! Is I myself,
For I have been persecuted and insulted,
I am glad for my reward is in Heaven,
I lost them while trying to provide for them,
They persecuted me, in the name of being a harlot,
Depressed is I, trying to look for myself, my family,
Fallen! Fallen! Is my family.

© Nyatichi Arriet