Father’s Grief

May 16, 2021 Off By Thompson Emate


He said,
Sit closer to me,
He said,
Come nearer to me,
He said,
The closer you sit,
The more you learn,
He said,
The closer you come,
The clearer your view,
He said,
Draw close and learn how to
sort and arrange your clothes,
For life is like a wardrobe,
Each drawer closes well
when each piece is sorted,
Properly folded and well arranged,
He said,
Oh! How I lament,
He said,
Oh! How my heart bleeds,
For my child,
My older son,
For I called,
He refused to come,
For I beckoned,
He chose to stay aloof,
I am not asking for his aid,
Even though,
It’s the duty of a child to a father,
For I have as much as to keep me filled,
Even though I take it in meagre portions,
I want him to know,
Life is not be lived in separation,
I want to tell him,
To bring his bucket to the stream,
For flowing streams run dry.