First love

May 18, 2020 0 By Kiraita Stephen

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First time I opened my eyes; you were the beautiful thing I saw,
Your wet eyes well staged in it’s sockets,
That made my heart burn with a powerful intent feeling;
The feeling that you’re motherly and caring

Though young and innocent; I knew you as my corner,
You gave me hope and fed me with your protruding donor,
I sucked the sweet liquor;
Some called it milk
You pampered me with sweet words that refilled your motherly love,
Cleaning me gently even if your fingers were that rough

Your rough hands defined the struggles you’ve been through,
For this I didn’t have a clue, but
I felt sorry for I realized things are not well,
Then a tune rung in my tiny head; it’s of no use to you pumping a dry well
But you cared without any yell

Though a toddler I felt your love at that painful situation,
Since then I started knowing you as a woman of passion;
The only light in my darkest moment,
And a solace to my sorrows,
Mom your whispers to me still remains; that at the end things will mend

My Love,
Trinity is a sign of betrayal,
I’m glad you’re loyal,
You never showed me the third party,
And I hope we will never part