Give Him a Shout

September 10, 2020 Off By Anissa Sboui


Give Him a Shout

El Hedy, the nice-spirited graduate,
Made up his mind,
Left the heights of Djebel Biadha
Lent a sum of French franc
Held the old-fashioned bag,
He’d just bought from the flea market,
On the chest,
Kissed his stepmom,
Threw a slice of sausage
To the neighbour’s Siamese cat
Bade farewell to the tiny room,
Where his dreams have been cemented.

On the highway,
Thrilled, he reminded the Harraqa
Couldn’t help crying, he
Yet, suddenly
Satan felt not free
Chid El Hedy on
Reciting the Koranic verses.
As it awakened atrocious memories
Of the chaining up of mischievous Jinn

His heart thumped,
The shadow of the hottie,
The incarnation of evil, the threshold to hell,
Sitting a meter away,
Caught not his attention
Cursed bad luck, El Hedy repeated:
“Allah There is no God but He – The Living,
The Self-Subsisting, Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him nor sleep…”

Annoyed by the mask,
The monotonous cleaning of the hands,
The vibrating Nokia 3310,
Emblazed with the face
Of Alan Shenu.
With the rise of the officer’s curtains,
The wind slapped his head,
Found mental corridors,

Energized by the Harqa project,
Tears of rain wet his diploma
Declared the end of the deal
Like an agonizing whale, he
Jumped on the oceanic site,
And out of a sudden,
The sound of the fallen screen,
The scream of Kurdi’s silent body,
Gave El Hedy a shout…