May 1, 2020 2 By Gael

Am torn broken and destroyed
Just like in the beginning, my world is void
Am messed up messier than before
Is this just but my only foe?
How many second chances have I asked for?
Not two, three or even four

This letter will arrive so messy
But not with tears of a husband
Just dusty tears from an insane African girl
An eremite, hermit, reckless reckling being
Am full of desires of despair
Am just asking for few seconds in a pair

They say tears never tear
But here I am in pieces
They never gave me a listening ear
For my voice to them was like hiss
Away they left, those that called me dear
Just like Judas, the betrayal kisses

I always found serenity in the bar around the corner
Three to four bottles were enough
As payment I gave my body to the owner
Holes in my pocket, they were rough
I’ve always longed for a donor
Who would break his bread into half

This rope will help me solve e my problems
This rope will help me escape my dentist
This rope will give me happiness
This rope will bring rest to my restless soul
This rope will wipe away my dusty tears
This rope will take away my desperation

So allow me down place my pen
Just as I threw away my dignity
And was fed by them like lions in a dentist
For none to me had pity
For it was my fault by then
Now, all I leave to the Dirty

Dear friends comfort my mom and dad
Don’t watch them break down
Tell them this was the only option I had
This was what to me the world had done
In my burial, tell of me the many stories you heard
Not sure if I will get the heavenly crown

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©Gael the Poetess