May 18, 2020 0 By Gael Kerubo Omori

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The meaning of dad is so very pure
He is the most beautiful miracle of God
He is a gift from heavenly abode
Never has a day gone by when I don’t think of him
Not a moment passed when without him I wasn’t blue

I know that he is there
Backing me from behind
Nothing affects the bond we share
In my life, he is my shining star
Crushes in my life will keep coming and going
But my love for him is a river that will keep flowing

Yes they grass is green
But when he was around, it seemed greener
Anxious eyes have watched me night and day
Precious tears have embraced my every way

Resting in peace is my only prayer for him
I am sad, cause few are people like him
I won’t cry, as I did promise him
But my heart will always bleed for him

Without him it’s difficult to survive
Goodbye with a heavy heart
Goodbye from a heavy heart
A heart where things are shattered and apart.

_I love my dad_