Hey Momma

April 20, 2020 0 By Eugizy Eugene Bii

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Hey Momma

Hey Momma
I love your daughter
I love the beauty in her hills
The depth of her valleys

Hey momma
I love your daughter
I love the calmness of her sea
And her waves oversea

Hey momma
I love your daughter
I love the beat in her heart
I love the melody in her lips

She is the plains of savannah
She is the gold coast of Ghana
She is like a Christmas eve
She is a word sieve
She is persuasive
She has giraffed dreams
She is a book of hymns
She is a poems that rhymes
She is a rhythm
She is a song in the background
She has a background
The reason she stands

Hey Momma
Your daughter loves numbers
She loves one and a million
She says am her one in a million
She loves reggae,
She sings romain Virgo with passion- am rich in love🎶
I think am her lucky dube

Hey Momma
Your daughter is an active volcano
She is a cyclone rather a violent tornado
Sometimes she is an angered commando
Sometimes we live like we’re in present day Persia
Sometimes I wish to be Kazakhstan, to break away from Russia
From the day I hit her up
From her hit me ups
She just acted Hitler
Am just a mere jew
And she is my jewel

I love your daughter
I love her storms
I love her bombs

I will love her till my destruction

Writings from the heart🖤