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It’s a true love story, we are the untold story.
Hi, am Brian and this is how it all started, the school had called us for holiday studies as s4 candidates and I was the first person to reach school, many students didn’t attend the holiday programme due to defiance but as an obedient gentleman I attended because my parents are strict when it comes to academics, I at first regretted why I attended them but as its said some bad things happen for a reason that is for the greater good, at the end I got a girl that I loved like never before and her name is Jaci.

Now the story begins, more students kept coming that day and my closest friend Pullo arrived, we went out of the school gate since it was a holiday programme, we were allowed to move out since we weren’t wearing school uniform, as we were coming back to the school I saw Jaci moving towards us with her aunt, it was the first time I saw such a beautiful girl. She was wearing a black legging and some black short dress on top, she has a very nice light skin, small beautiful lips and these white eyes and look at you and you be like oooh my.

She immediately caught my attention and I remember telling Pulloman that “I like her and am gonna get her” and Pullo said go ahead, but she looks young and I said that’s the point I like young girls not old ones. Don’t get me wrong, she was only 2 years younger than me. The following day we went to class and I saw her, very humble and down to earth, besides that she is smart in class and so committed to academics. I hated sciences in O level, they gave me hard time but she loved them of course it was the first day in class we introduced ourselves and in the process of learning we started talking to each other and there were other students as well in the class, we were about 12 or 15 students in our class who had attended the holidays studies.


Now me am not a fan of football, my friends were so whenever there was a football match, my friends would go out of the school and watch football from outside since the entertainment prefect wasn’t around and they would use that as an opportunity to go out but as for me, I thought of remaining behind but I realized it would be boring because it’s mostly girls who used to remain at school and without my friends I would be bored so I would go with them, pay my money 1000shs and watch football that am not even enjoying and in the process I get sleepy.

One day I decided not to waste my money anymore, I decided to remain at school when my friends went out to watch football, I went to the physics lab were we used to read from, our lab is so modern with modern technology and nice sits, now surprisingly Jaci and her friend Laura were also in the lab and some s6 boy and girl so we were 5 in total. I pretended to be reading as I waited for my friends to come back, then from no were Jaci and Laura come to me and ask for my help, the Jaci phone had got a problem in that her pictures weren’t showing so I got her phone and I knew that it was my opportunity to shine and get her attention. I got her phone and changed the settings and the pictures started showing, she was so happy I remember because the pictures were for her family back at home and I remember Laura saying “this guy is a genius” and in my heart I was like yeah yeah am the man here.


Jaci then asked me to help them take a photo, her and Laura, I said no problem I took their picture together after that Laura was stubborn she said now Bryo you should also take with Jaci and I was all being gentle but no one knew the celebration in my heart not even Kefas or Pato could sense it. While we were taking the picture, I was scared of holding her but for her she was confident and she held me tightly and I said ok am gonna miss this chance so I held her gently and we took our pictures, she liked my gentleness and approach, I then through my sharp vibes and believe me she couldn’t resist because it was well planned and I really couldn’t lose her, I love her.
We then started enjoying our relationship, I was her first boyfriend since she was from a single sex girl’s school and we know that the first cut is the deepest, one day I wanted to make the cut.. I wanted to kiss her because this girl has these nice lips that you can’t resist, I remember one of my friends telling me that I can pay your girl any amount of money just to kiss her. I remember I was playing football and went to her, I tried to kiss her and she refused, I got pissed and went away she realized she was messing around because she has big competition, there were some hot girls in f3 who were target so she called me back and said to me that Brian I really don’t know how to kiss and I said that’s not a problem I will teach you, remember I was her first guy, I asked her to wet her lips and she she did so then I held her gently and kisses her lower lip, then slowly her upper lip eeeeiyyi I can’t explain this but the rest was automatic, mama nayabo she felt like what a this. She loved it she didn’t want to stop but my brains didn’t forget that we were at school.

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To be continued..