March 25, 2020 0 By Kevon Eregwa

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I don’t want to die
Before our last kiss
I miss you darling
I don’t want to die,
Before I see you soon

Quarantine came between us
Now life is full of uncertainty
They won’t allow me to see you
And I don’t know what to do anymore
I wish the Heavens opened up,
Just to give me a hint

Maybe this is all a dream
It feels like hell
Yet at the same time
It feels like drawing water out of an empty well
Only God can tell of the mystery
Behind all these

Science might have failed
Time we all believed in God
Because Science too needs God to exist

Soon I know you will come home Baby
This 14 days Quarantine
Feels like Eternity apart
And uncertainty at heart
We don’t know what will happen
But we hope for the best

I can’t wait to listen to your voice
It’s okay to the text messages
I know it’s not our choice
At least we got some emojis 😙😙
I can feel your words in them
See you soon Baby

© Kevon Eregwa