May 10, 2020 0 By Bello Bilyameen

I was born in the world different from what my ancestors whispered to me when I was in my mother’s womb
The world,
Where a brother is a keeper
The world
Where under world honourable were saints
A menace free world, where the fellows will freely graze their belongings
The world voids with gossip, temptations, morons, mockery and and and…
I never knew my ancestors depicted to me the world of illusion
The world of elusiveness
The world of travialities
The world where a fellow sapient can’t meditate with one on one’s euphoria
Where the under world guards orchestrated on the affairs,dealings of our dear society.

My ancestors weren’t fair to me
My ancestors weren’t naive of these
My ancestors weren’t teachers of these calamities
My ancestral hut, was a hut filled with bountiful smiles
Which accommodate and encompasses wide range of rapture
I wish I can return to the abode of my marker
Where I will enjoy unending euphoric realm of reality
Where non livings were given live
Where the less privileged are christen with classical culture.
Where I can smell smiles…
I wish I can return back to my maker….

_@sir kokki
The village boy