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If You Should Hate Me

September 4, 2020 Off By Borusei Kipkirui


If you should hate me_ let it not be like a bandaged wound
Spat and scorched in a whimpering whisper
As you smile, feigning, but darkened at heart
Driving you, wounded at my happy face
If you should hate me – let it be over my grave
So I may not bleed at your feet
In pain; that even the villagers who sacrifice their children,
Would be forced to accolade you in vain!
Ye, mother of my sons! I beseech you in uncommon pain
Though my body is slim, feed me to meet your desire
Such hatred, let it be during my obsequies!
For what is ahead of us, if not the graves?
Woman, if you should hate me, do so like a crow,
Cawing smoothly, itching your eardrums
Hate me, yes, but be ready to face the haunts!

© Borusei Kipkirui