May 22, 2020 0 By Poetic Dose

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During this trying time,I decided to try something new, visiting frogs kingdom daytime. In upcountry we don’t shower,we bathe,you simply take a basin of water and find a place to scrunch. The noon fickle weather alarmed me of a heavy rain,so I had to cannonball along and bathe in my usual place,a small place enclosed with torn old iron sheets.No sooner had I taken away my clothes than the wind started blowing blustery carrying away the iron sheets, leaving me perplexed in an open field naked.

Few metres away were some people busy on their farm. On seeing me they started laughing uproariously. I felt ashamed and fainted. Everyone thought I was seriously injured .I was rushed to the nearby hospital. When the doctor attending to me noticed that my mother was carrying a NHIF card,I saw a silly grin on her face. She insisted that my condition was worse and I had to be admitted. That was ludicrous.

Here comes my question,is it NHIF Card or NHIF CUD? Today ,if you have the card even just for a slight fever you can get admitted for a week. That’s a great opportunity for doctors to chew money from your cud,sorry in mean card! Those using the cards stay for longer periods in wards than those using their own expense. There is a lot of croockery on how the money on our NHIF account being deducted. Patients should be given a receipt showing full statement of the amount used and what it exactly catered for. Probability that doctors ask for more is 100.21%. Hospitals are inflating bills to steal from NHIF, which is also being looted due to mismanagement and corruption.


My dad has been paying the monthly fee since 1990 and has never been admitted. How much do you think is in his account? Thousands of money right! Enough to pay my University fee up to Master level. Since he retired,he hasn’t been paying, recently he was fined for failing to make the monthly payment. I think retirees should not pay for it. That in their account is enough to cater for their health,or do you mean this money expires annually? That you just have to pay again and again?

When people die, whether they paid to the last minute or not this money should be refunded back to the family, mostly in a case where there is no next of kin or all his/her kids are above 18 years. Eating someone’s sweet is not good at all. Selection of centers to use the card should be done away. with .Human beings cannot stay in one place,they have to move around to make ends meet. It Should be used anywhere anytime. Says me. To all paying monthly fee, don’t let your money go into the pockets of these villains ,go for medical check-up regularly,like weekly. Or else your NHIF card will just be NHIF cud.