June 24, 2020 Off By LAMECH OBARE


My wife,I have heard you complain,
I have heard you say that I have changed,
That I am not the same person you married,
That am always cold on you,
That I sleep facing my direction,
Without even saying goodnight,
It’s true my wife and you’re the reason for your plight.

Before I married you,you were so elegant,
You always dressed smartly and purposely,
Your hair was always made and stylish,
Your nails were always delectably done,
You told me being smart is your weakness,
And suggested new fashion style for me,
Am afraid where the rains started beating you..

Nowadays you no longer care at all,
Your dress code is just chaotic,
Dress to kill for you has a new meaning,
For you’ve killed my morale and psyche for you,
You wear oversized attires,mismatched and colours clashed ones,
My wife,you now look like a clown…
Where did I go wrong, whom did I offend?

My sweet wife,why have you decided all this?,
Why does even taking a shower has to be debatable?,
Why has your wardrobe changed for the worst?,
Why has the designer dresses been replaced by wear and go?
Why don’t you do fitting clothes as you used to?,
Or you became a basket baller without my knowledge?,
This ain’t fair my love,am suffering, ‘umejiachilia’…

Of late you no longer put on a night dress,
All you do is a khaki and a t-shirt branded ‘Jubilee tuko pamoja.’
The nice smelly perfumes you had are no more,
What welcomes me is a sweaty,bitter scent.