Life Drama

June 21, 2020 Off By Bismarck Koech

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It won’t take long to cry,
The following story being a bit bitter,
Flowage of my tears I can’t hold,
Over the years I have lived,
My life has been like a drama.

Everyday every night,I shed tears,
The 12-hour day being so long,
From 6am I have been working,
No break even a minute to breath,
Will this drama ends?

I truly remember that day,
My parents kicked their buckets,
Not only this trouble gets troubled,
But also this painful drama begun,
I suffer this dramatic lifestyle.

Since the day I enter uncle’s house,
I knock the doors of No school ahead,
They made me their source of power,
Their kids became my kings,
My life is the real drama.

My parents being my legends,
Their memories will never fade,
Sincerely their love is great,
Affectionately they will care for you,
Henceforth life in desert is a drama.

©Bismarck Koech