Living in Fear

April 21, 2020 4 By Habeebllah Damilola

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When we first heard of you
We all joked and laughed about you
We weren’t afraid nor scared of you
And we didn’t care what you can or can’t do

Firstly, you slowly insinuated yourself like a poison
Into the most populous and inauspicious countries
Countries you didn’t affect said its poetic justice
And it’s for all the animal cruelty

But then you decided to take a trip abroad
Selecting a host randomly and without reasons
Spreading unsuspiciously amongst us
Cared less about our age and status

That wasn’t still enough, you vile monster
You integrated yourself into our football world
Choosing targets as slaughter in a farm house
Until you achieved your aim of putting an hold to it

You still weren’t satisfied, you wicked creature
Now you have targeted our centre of knowledge
Our place of worship, no longer safe for us to go
Is there no limit to this callousness of yours?

You made humans avoid each other like a plague
All in the name of keeping you at bay
But still you found a way to keep spreading
Taking us out whenever it pleases you

Because of you, the globe has been put on hold
People are scared of living and waiting
No one knows where and when you would come
When you tiny beast will pay him or her a visit

You’ve taken our loved ones and those we hold dear
As if that wasn’t enough, you affected our daily life
We can no longer come together in peace and harmony
We are all living in fear and agony

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Oh! God, please listen to our cries and wails
And wipe out this death hanging over our heads