April 15, 2020 1 By Ezekiel Immo

Down the rugged path from “Mama Pima”
I met a sad angel lonely in the cold dark
Sitting on a big rock staring blankly
At the sky hopping the lazy moon would rise

In my mind came the biblical Jacob and the Angel
And I knew that this was my time
To fight the angel and ask for a blessing
And to read down the history

But I saw no need to fight
For the angel was calm, quiet and beautiful
So I decided to sit beside her
And calmly ask for any blessing if she had

“Sweet angel,am not Jacob and this is not Bethany
So I won’t fight but I humbly askā€¦”
She looked at me with eyes burning with fright
And tears rolled down her soft cheeks

I didn’t understand why she cried
But her tears gave me fright too
For I was afraid of the Heaven’s wrath
“I’m sorry” I apologized,asking what made her cry

She looked at me with energy draining eyes
And her sweet, tempting voice said it all
What a pity for such a pretty girl
To be dumped by a silly billy goat

Anyway the angel was but a blessing
Because finally I got a wife to try
To replaced the fifth one who left a week ago
Forgetting I am a man she claimed I had ego