Momma Never Doubted


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On the day I was born
I was so small and full of life
A genius has been born,
So my mother said, with smiles

I was ten when I went away from home
My mother knew me, I was always bright
But then, life threw its torment at me
My grades dropped with the speed of light

Three years went by, I had become a dullard
I fought to return home, where I rightfully belonged
Momma’s once bright boy, now a dullard
Yet, she believed I would be back where I belonged

My mother said to me, “son, don’t give up”
You don’t have to worry, for I’m with you
Believe in yourself and you would be back up
Find that light, for there’s still one for you

I was thirteen, then a teenage boy,
Picked up my old and dusty books
I believed I was once a brilliant boy
Engrossed with just one thing; my books

After two months, the new term ended
I did pretty well, Momma was excited
“Though, he came late, he still performed”
The principal said; how could I forget?