May 11, 2020 1 By Roseullakarina Bosco

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Intuitive validity I have for the cause fear,

Fear of the critic sunrise,the solemnity that could lead me astray,
Extremes to the claims of my own ignorance,the life I lived,so tragic,
Amateurish to the progress of a lifetime evolution,what if latter dawnings escalated the norms so queer??
Ratings I had for my own assumption,I could never try this;this wasn’t mine,I feared real life,

Trepidation is my all time life,the lone thrill I had in mid- dark episodes,
Hark the wangle that left me no turns,wanderer instead in mystery of lost reality,
Empiricism of life’s covenant,the encircle of all time dwelling- the fear that was mine,

Real grin in the wildest mid -night war streets,I never needed life,
Evidential proof is that my track was stale,I feared the good I had known was bad,
All time gothic skim,a skimp in gayest moments,the perfect loner you once thrown off,
Litigate humor is when I spoke with a lisp ,pure description of a derivative .

Long-term long ways wants once streaming,
In bound hands I laid to maintain the makings of my own,
Fear of the real life,the lonesome identity of freak wager,
Epitaph I wanted my story to reach out “and that’s how she lived” she feared real life- my fear