My Love

May 24, 2020 0 By helton

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She is my love
I think of her all day and night
No matter how hard I try to forget
I cant seem to get her out of my mind

Anytime I see her I feel alive
She is my light in the darkness
Waiting for stars to shine and put a smile on my face
Anytime we kiss I swear I can fly

Her taste is expensive not even the richest man can afford
She is of more value than money, diamonds or gold
She is like an art hunged on meusium for all to admire

She is charmingly beautiful that people wait to have a glimpse of her beauty
Her baby face, those bewitching dimples on her cheeks
Those pearl like theet planted on her black gums
Her narrow waist and long shaply legs, her loungorous eyes sap energy from their knees whenever she directs her glance at them making them incapacitated at once

She is my love my angel my everything.