My Sacrifice

June 28, 2020 Off By Frank Khange

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My Sacrifice

I want to sacrifice for a better tomorrow,
Like Jesus I want to redeem men’s sins,
The cases of rape makes my heart weep,
tearing my heart into trillion pieces,
Until when will they lack joy on their faces,
If I chop my manhood it might appease the gods,
The gods of rapist and show mercy to the innocent.

Daily I feel ashame to call myself a man:
Where men are demons,
Where men are vultures,
Where men are monsters,
Where men are cold hearted,
Where men are sex thirsty zombies.
I want to make a sacrifice to appease the sex gods,
So that they might pack and disappear.

Raping the minors breaking their backs,
And killing them,Oh God punish us,
We deserve to feel the pain,
Performing demonic acts in the name of pleasure,
I want to make a sacrifice to appease the gods,
the gods of fornication.
So that fornication might be a plague.

I’m tired of being a man,
I have made up my mind,
I must sacrifice my pleasure,
And chop the cause of distraction,
I want nothing to do with men,
I am creating my own gender,
I want to appease the gods,
My sacrifice.

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