January 9, 2021 Off By Odongo Lyon Tariko


Shine ,shine,
Old is gold,
Yet this old is so painful,
But how shall the old gold road be forgoten?
Indeed old is fortold
Why should I tread this old golden road?

Many died,
Along this old golden road,
Is it a thing to be merried about?
The Old golden road,
A memory lane lf tears, terror and fear,
But shall I be doomed,
Off this old golden road?

I shall be well,
My old painful precious gold,
But will my painful priceless precious memories be well?
Shall this old gracious golden road be erasable ?
The old golden road,
A painful past,
Shall I be Okay.
My Old painful memories,
Haunt me,
Will I be okay?

©Hurmphrey the poet
The wordsblacksmith