green slope on sunny day in woods

One Day

September 4, 2020 Off By Onchoka Bw'ongoro


One day this will be over
We will meet at our common place
And hold each other tight
As tears of Joy trace their course
Trumpets we will blow high
And drums beat hard
For at last we made it
But one thing will remain felt—
The souls we lost while away.

One day we will load the bus
And set for a distant place
The night will take charge;
We will gather by the camp fire
Light our candles, and Let our voices fill the night
“Hold out your candle, run to the darkness…”
As the red sparks of wood jump out of the fire, grey and die
We will remember the brethren who never made it
And let tears drench our clothes
We will celebrate their dutiful life
And wish they were there to occupy the empty space
And crack jokes that showed our teeth white.

Silence will take over and sleep take advantage
Our eye-lids will be heavy with sorrow and sleep
Slowly they will close and glue together
To be roused by tomorrow’s rays
We will put on our uniform, pledge our promise,
Take a hoe on the right and a shovel on the left
We will seek true happiness in offering service
To God, to our country, to oneself and to other people at all times
We will plant tree seedlings, clean towns we hardly knew nor stayed, sensitize people…
We will forget yesterday’s sorrows
As we make life cheerful and more habitable.