Our journey

Our journey

The journey of our thousand miles started with a single step,

Some thought I was lone and some you’re my stepsister,
But around you I felt like a star;
For the stars touch the moon in fiche,
And make it illuminate our hearts in their dark cache

Me on the right and you on the left; our feelings flowing deep to find their way,
We could be mistaken to twins for we were tangled in a unique way

Our journey sometimes got trapped,
Pain and tears got us tipped
But our strength remained intact,
For it made us to cope and got into contact

Our journey like a growing seedlings;
Love glowed in our hearts and intertwined us with rings.
Our journey like a treasure brought us pleasure,
And we still treasure it in our busy schedules and leisure

Kiraita Stephen

The Writers Pen is an organization that was formed to help upcoming writers to reach their potential goals through mentoring,exposure, marketing and promoting their works.
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