Peasant Writer

June 21, 2020 Off By Borusei Kipkirui

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When I set my feet on this ocean
I saw large footprints on the sands
The waters whispered ‘poetry lands’
Little did I know it was another den!

I had written many articles by then
Out of which I casted my dreams
I thought it was a short journey
But, Alas! An ocean full of lies.

When finally I decided to publish my work
I thought of ways to break through the bottleneck
And I sold my phone to meet the publishing cost
Sadly, I still needed to sell my radio.

All those never met the cost
So I decided to make a post
That the well wishers can meet the cost
And revive me again!

A peasant writer I am
A poet with powerful dreams
A leader of unforgiving pen
A worthy rebel in the literary world.

Soon, my situation will end this rust
And my pen will be rust-free
I heard from a certain leader who
Promised to later help me: a beacon of light.

One day, I shall be a renowned writer.