April 13, 2020 0 By Innocent Mutiso

At midnight
Beneath the reeds
Covered by eroded black cotton soils
Dwindling in the dark night
Everybody deep in thought
Following a continuous rattling sound from the reeds
Goose bumps stood still on everybody’s skin
Howls from hyenas also made tense the environment
Inviting each one of us to be close to he other
Jayden,the only lad among us
King of brevity
Leapt forward with curiosity
Made sure he could have a glare at the place well
Nodding as he moved back;
Octopus;the one with a blue ring,he uttered
Perplexed,we made sighs
Quickly trotted a few metres away from it
Respecting the order from one of us
Shrugging, Sandra;
Took a whip
Under control from Jayden
Very cautious,placed it in front of us
Waiting for response from us
Xavier, courageously taking it,
Yelled at the octopus and forced it into a bag with the whip
Zipped it in;threw it into the waters