Please Stay

May 23, 2020 0 By Habeebllah Damilola

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There’s no one I’d want but you
To be right by side, now and then
I’d like for you to be the one
If you won’t mind, please stay

When I’m feeling blue and gloom
Be the one to lift up my soul
During the rain; in my storm
Be there with an umbrella

When I’m feeling lonely and all down
Be the one to give me hugs and warmth
In my deep blue sea; please be there
Be there to tell me it would be alright

When I’m in a bad temper; don’t ignore
Be the one to calm me down with words
Even when I’d throw a tantrum
Be there with your undivided attention

I’d like for you to stay one more night
This night and every other night
To be there for me like you always have
I can’t survive without your presence