Print With Us

Have you self-published and you want to print your book? We know that nothing feels better than the feel of paper between your fingers as you peruse through your book and the smell of wood as you read.

We offer affordable book printing prices, printed in Kenya. The Writer’s Pen is your best choice for efficient, premium-quality book printing at relatively low price; contact us for bulk printing.

Printing cost per copy is based on the number of pages, and the copies ordered; the more the copies, the less the unit cost per unit.

Check the table below to estimate the printing cost of your book:
Please note that the price is EXCLUSIVE of handling and shipping cost which shall be calculated once you make your order. For budgeting purposes, we charge upto 15% of the total cost for orders up to 200 copies, and 10% for more than 200 copies.

There is no guarantee your book will fit into the projections below, but it will help you to obtain a ballpark figure. When you make your order, we will do a final quotation based on the exact number of pages and copies

No. Of PagesKshs./Copy
50 – 80125
81 – 100135
101 – 120140
121 – 150150
151 – 170165
171 – 200170
201 – 220175
221 – 250180
251 – 270190
271 – 300205
Above 301To be evaluated

The pricing is based on 12pt font (Garamond), 1.25 line spacing; 5.5” x 8.5” and A5 (minimum 50 copies).