July 10, 2020 Off By Alfred Nyagaka Nyamwange

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Ram had won so many fights
Walking on his way to pasture
Ram saw young bull grazing
And he snorted drawing attention

Young bull saw Ram run back
And he smiled and wondered
So I can make Ram run away
I am strong, I am king around.

But it was a mistake for Ram
Was rushing towards him head down
The target marked, his head steady
And young bull closed his eyes and waited

The heads met in thunderous clap
Ram was lifted off the ground
And rolled to the other end like a log
While bull cried with lots of pain

Ram not giving up rushed to the other end
He moved until his hind legs hit the fence
And he found a bearing and came flying
His hind legs in the air, head on target

He bore down on young bull like a storm
Sweeping on bull whose head was dull
As the latter shook his head to think
A blur swept at him and his dignity

The meeting of the heads exploded
Ram flew into the air upside down
The bull emitted a very weak moan
And two animals twitched to dead

© Alfred Nyagaka Nyamwange 2020