April 29, 2020 1 By Uthman alimot

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The act of giving up something of worth.
The key to selflessness
Such is the heart of a pregnant woman.
As a woman, she sacrifices her stomach as a home,to watch you grow and keep you safe.
She sacrifice her sleep, so you could sleep in peace.
The calories she eat does not matter to her.
Every cough and midnight fever.
She doesn’t see the sacrifice.
But the unconditional love for her baby makes her strong and smile.

Such is the heart of compassionate teacher.
As a teacher, she sacrifices her night, to acquire knowledge and prepare ahead for her student to excel.
Sleepless night is part of her daily routine.
She stand everyday, in front of student to impact knowledge.
The pain, the headache at night, when all has gone to sleep.
She doesn’t see the sacrifice.
But the future of her student which she had at heart.

Such is the heart of a transformational leader.
Whose drive is change and improvement
Who have a dream for a brighter, rewarding future.
As a leader, a clearer vision of what an unknown future holds is his priority.
He sacrifice his time and gives a listening ears to his followers.
Sleepless night, pains,headaches was his reward.
He does not sees the sacrifice .
Cries of the new generation to come,tears of the homeless,fear of the orphans are the nightmare he sees in his dream,reminding him of more sacrifice to be made.
Sacrifice the key to selflessness, whom have something of worth to achieve regardless of the sacrifice made.

Uthman alimot