SCHOOL OF THOUGHTS (spoken_word)

May 3, 2020 0 By James Wambeo

I tried, yes i did,
I tried to figure out what i just did ,
Maybe that figure wasn’t figuratively speaking;
About the pictures that my own mind was picking,
I tried to count,yes i did,
I tried to count the number of times I missed,
But the number of those numbers got me pissed,
Nothing added up;i guess i messed,
Not better than a math teacher,
I’m just a student that’s it,
I get the test,’touch the crest’
If i fail, no rest;
If i pass, i beat my chest,
Atleast i can text the rest of my day,
That’s how i wish it all ends,
Happy endings,but do they really end?
Oh!They were just wishes my friend!
No wonder worries wander around our dreams,
No certainty, it’s like butter doubting cream,
If i scare you, you will scream,
If i give you ice cream you will scream,
Let me teach you, let us be a team,
Maybe together we can day-dream,
And graduate from the School of Thoughts,

No i didn’t try;
I didn’t try to forget,
I’m just not sure what i wanted,
What am I saying? Oh no!I’m just thinking;
I did try so hard to find what I’ve been seeking,
To quit i didn’t try,
My body was still floating;
It’s my mind which was sinking,
I tried to look overboard,
But i think i was over thinking,
That board was always there sleeping,
But wait, why was it always black,
Oh the white one was reserved for special tasks,
I mean the West can’t just be as the East,
It’s like expecting power to be at ease,
Yes maybe if it wants to please,
But in that case, our will will be shipped overseas,
Am i overreacting again?
Or am i just thinking outside the box,
It depends,which box? Match box or the boxing ring?
This fight has to end,
When will you listen to me?
My mind you must hear me, or I’ll mind my own business
Oh no!You are my business,You are me
But i must win this time,
Pin you down give you commands
Which ‘thy must follow with thine heart’
It’s a win-win situation remember,
Then together we can day-dream,
And lastly graduate from the School of Thoughts!