Social Distancing: My Disbelief To Misery

June 5, 2020 Off By Muyiwa Adekojede


Coronavirus is not real, that what I tell myself as televisions, radios, and the internet kept informing everyone to keep social distancing. The media will display tens of deaths today, thousands of death tomorrow. How will they announce 10 death today and tomorrow it over a thousand? It just didn’t add up for me. Rather, we have Corona leaders in Nigeria and they have continued to exploit this country even up till now. I had a social distancing experience and it wasn’t the usual.

It all began one morning at breakfast, everyone was devouring and relishing their dishes at a high pace. I took mine slow as emotions run through my mind. About to take the last two spoons, an unbearable headache hit me. At first, I tried not to pay much attention but before evening my head was banging. It was something else and nobody could even notice it. I took over 3 tablets of panadol and quickly went to bed earlier, hoping for quick recovery.

The next morning was my worst day ever on earth. All body hurts; muscles, eyes, back, including my throat. I started thinking if I was infected with coronavirus because the pain was excruciating. But I couldn’t believe myself. It not even possible, after all, it not real.
Later, I came to the conclusion to inform my parents and siblings living with me which I did. At the instance, my dad and mom immediately gave me some distance. I was surprised. Then my siblings moved a few meters away from me. I was now shocked. I tried to convince them that I’m was not infected, it was just malaria, I believed. It got worse as I sneezed at that moment. My dad quickly instructed me to go to my room. I was very sad and angry as I reluctantly head for my room.
Immediately I entered, my dad locked the door from behind and he took away the keys. This marked the beginning of my five days in social distancing plus isolation.
I endured the worst pains ever for 5 days. I was very weak and pale, had lost appetite with my temperature over 100°F (37°C). I couldn’t stand my appearance in the mirror that hangs in balance up the wall. It was frail like I haven’t been alive and active. I thought as these were my last days on earth.
Medical officials finally arrived at my home on the sixth day. An infection technician put a 6-inch cotton swab on both sides of my nose and run it around for roughly 15 seconds. It was uncomfortable. They took some test samples from me. They made my day worse as they informed my parent about the result of my test will arrive not until 3 days. My condition couldn’t wait for a day longer as I couldn’t even mount a word out anymore. I was fed like a newborn baby, assisted with anything I needed.
Finally, the result came back. The infection specialist informed my family that I was ‘positive’ of fever.