Some things never change

March 20, 2020 1 By Duncan Kiplimo

Like the touch of your lips,
the warm feeling of your cuddle,
like the sun glow of your eyes,
some thing’s never change,
like the peace under the stars,
like the charm of your beauty,
like the beauty of love.

some thing’s never change,
like my luck around you
even when the clouds are all full
and the sun is naked to the sky,
the first look will never change.

something’s never change,
like what I feel for you,
like your enchanting voice
that melodifies the rhythm of my heart,
Your perfectious sway
that awes my nights.

some thing’s never change
like how I shy up when I see you,
how I’m lost when around you,

even when we far apart,
I’ll still want you forever,
for something’s never change,
unless change decides to change,
but even change itself mocks us
with is daily growing beauty.

something’s never change,
like how i write to you,
how i crave for you
the sleepless nights,thinking of you
something’s just never change…

Duncan’s the poet
Duncan Kiplimo