SUFFERER (the spoken_word)

May 4, 2020 11 By James Wambeo

I’m unacomplished;feels butterflies in stomach,
This time in their maggots,so timid;
Fear mixed with water;neither high nor low,
Below uncertainity;labour pains no expectancy,
Currency vanished;currently carried by occurences,
I’ve been working,how worthless;planning,how hopeless,
Anger bringing up chaos among my tissues,
In keeping with my character brought up issues,
Nature of catching up,burnt to the ground,
I’m grounded;i can smell this clay rotting,
This solid personality is evaporating,
Tones of stones in my heart;I’m overweight

Overwhelmed by heaviness of consequences,
Why is nature so peaceful while I’m tearful?
She is so beautiful;why can’t i have her?
Yes,love is present but no presents,
How are they per say?Can’t i be like him?
Or better?Just a smooth lane for they,
I make rough baby steps;footprints,crocodile tracks,
I sought solace,maybe in all the wrong places,
I’m blind or illusions i face,I see no change,i feel no grace,
No rain,I’m deserted;no comfort valley,no rock for shade,
My head I’ve shaved several times,but to no insight,
Diseased deceased;dead?No!Believed to be;devastating!