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The construction has stopped because of no pay
The road is full of potholes, money has gone missing
The schools have closed, the heads have no say
The workers are striking, they want their pay
Money lenders have increased, the interest is more
My soldier at the gate is threatening to take my life
The friends i supported in trouble, are watching me from afar

The writers have become oppressors, their content is discriminatory
The politicians are encouraging the mob to continue with the fight
The judges are taking the sides with deeper pockets
The media I’d forwarding the wrong impression
Of how Isla dumped me and re-signed the papers

The screeching of car tyres is all i hear day and night.
The mountain across is full of smog and frost
The industries are producing smoke all through
The children across the fence are singing and dancing
The dark clouds over my head are in haste motion
I am under my roof, i have not a path to lead
If you can hear my cry, please come for my rescue
The faster the response, the faster things become alright.