March 24, 2020 1 By Caren Jepkogei

My dear sisters tell my mother
Inform her that dinner will delay today
Papa will quarrel and beat mummy
The village will be in the search for me
Tell mama please I’ll delay a little bit longer

If she sends you to get me home
Please tell her my favorite pot broke down Tell her that I fell down by the river and broke my arm
Comfort her that I will be coming soon
Tell mama it shall be well with me

When she calls for my elder brother
Tell her there’s an ogre by the river side
That feeds on male blood and flesh
He should sit back and wait for me at home
Open the window to my bedroom in case I come
Tell my mother that my brother will bring me home

When the village trumpet is blown
Alert the strong morans
That the neighboring village are raiding our land
They should protect the cattle and our people
Iam protected by the gods
Tell my mother that I’m hiding in the thickest ends of the forest

When you come to the stream today
Bring with me my favorite beads
Sing and dance to the tunes of your heartbeat
And when you go home tell my mother all you told her was a lie
Except two things
One, I’m married to the king of the sea Two, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy