March 22, 2020 0 By Lewis Wamwanda

Wait a second, I hear you are going home tomorrow
I can’t hide the joy anymore
These drafted letters will be sent
You will be my messenger I hope

Pass by Solomon’s house
On your way to my wife’s
Don’t tell her of my where abouts
It’s a shame, isn’t it?

Tell Solomon to marry my wife
Tell Him to school my sons
A small favour for an old friend
Plead with him.

My wife’s bed is cold
And someone needs to warm it
But untill I leave this dungeon
Ask Solomon for help

I won’t regret if she bores him a daughter
Or best still get him more sons
Let them get married in a church
The church bell will reach my ears

My wife is good in bed
Caring and knows how to play
She isn’t a screamer though
I know this will please him

As you take your leave
Tell Solomon to marry my wife
To share a bed with her
Till I get out of this dungeon

©Lewis Wamwanda