The Blade

April 29, 2020 0 By Frank Olunga

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The Blade

The curfew,
The tension,
The social distance,
The blade has been sharpen,
Sharper than before,
What will be the aftermath?
Who bare the blame ?
The blade.

The nights,the cover,
After mutilation,old lover,
Selling dreams like salt,
The girl child education undermined,
Corona making headlines.
What about female genital mutilation?
The merciless culture,
Soo dark is their future.

Anti female genital mutilation crusaders are hopeless,
Government rules,they must obey
Yet dreams are sacrificed,
The blood ,the scars that will never disappear,
The blade.

No where to run to,
No protection,
Passing wounds to the next generation,
Who is responsible?
Responsible for the increase rate?
The blade is killing the future,

The rate of female genital mutilation is high,
Higher than corona virus victims,
Yet we are silent!
What happened to “future leaders”
What happened to humanity?
Non governmental organizations should be empowered,
The curfew should be over ride.
To save our precious sisters,
Our sons wives,
And the future leaders,
The blade.

…the Samburu girls are going through hell,the numbers are shocking the curfew makes it hard for rescue teams,the damage will never be reversed…
But we have the power in our pens

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