The Diary of a Housekeeper during the Lockdown

September 10, 2020 Off By Anissa Sboui

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Anxious, she sits, moving
Her haunches down.
Before the TV stand,
Barely able to stand,
Brushes the cat hair
Outside, the train’s engine
Thrums on the howling wind,
Accompanies rain drops to pose
On the hectic rooftop.

Awaits the news,
Holds the remote control,
The housekeeper navigates from
Channel to channel,
Remembers not the boiling kettle,
The globe-trotter identifies herself in these terrible
Images during the lockdown:
“I’m home and proud of staying here.
I’m the eternal housekeeper.”

Towards the sly kitchen, she rushes
To fill rose-tinted life experiences
Of a passionate cook,
With a colored flip flop,
She heads to the fridge
To fill the stomach
Being as void as the dull days of the deafening lockdown
Only then does she feel the extent of her defeat …