The Door

June 26, 2020 Off By Frank Khange


he made a promise

That I will be the sole opener
The one to open and close the door
But every time I’m sensing betrayal
The door is increasing in size
Someone must have break in.

Daily she frowns
Did she break her promise
Or I’m just insecure
How could the door size increase?
Maybe she has found a new door opener
Or maybe my key is the problem.

I’m having nightmares
I’m scared my dreams might be true
And her promises were vanity
The door that was fun
Today is not accommodating
Who is the new opener ?

Maybe I’m growing old
Or I need to learn new tactics
Yet the scent of betrayal chokes me
Or I should renew my key
Yet a new key is hard to get
Or I should welcome the new opener
And say to the door bye.

© MasterWork