The Eternal sunshine

July 4, 2020 Off By Kamarniza

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Wake up my love wake up
Love has transferred us to an unspoiled paradise.
Listen to the duet of rain and whistling thrush
from the yonder silvery clouds.
Singing they intoxicates
the virgin rain forest.
Garlanding trees, leaves and the bees
With crystal dew drops.

The blossoming cherries and apples
Ripen and blush the village damsels
as they play hide and seek
With spectacular flowers and butterflies.

Ah! Behind the foggy veils of evening
the whistling thrush anchors
The chorus of multitudes of birds
Such an Ecstasy unleashed
And holy land springs to life.

The shadow of the night sets slowly
on the snow capped majestic mountains
and thousands of fire flies glowing lanterns
around the tree hut
nestled in the middle of pristine forest.

Ah love! Hold my hands
plunge deep in to that light
get rejuvenated in its purity
and let’s convert ourselves as the beacon of love….